How To Ensure Your Data Remains Safe In The Cloud

Cloud computing offers computing services such as storage, software, databases and networking over the internet. Anyone using the internet has made use of cloud services in various ways that include hosting websites and blogs, streaming audio and video, creating new applications, storing photos and video and many other services. The most common service that we are all familiar with is email access. We are gradually moving to storing all our documents from our computers to the cloud. However, the main Continue reading “How To Ensure Your Data Remains Safe In The Cloud”

How Third Party Aggregators are making money from Your Private Data

Internet users spend a lot of time on the internet whether on social media or carrying out transactions. There are arguments concerning user data found on different platform and whether it should be considered private or public. Consider data found on a person’s Facebook profile which is considered publicly available. It is even more complex to distinguish private and public data when a person is using a personal device such as a smart phone or Continue reading “How Third Party Aggregators are making money from Your Private Data”

How to Wade off Distractions as a Freelancer

Distractions are one of the hindrances to productive work.  Distractions come in varying shapes and forms if you may.  A distraction is anything that interrupts your attention from the work you are doing. Some distractions both online and offline include things like:

  • Emails – although it is important to respond to emails as soon as you get them, checking emails can take up a huge chunk of time. Apart from business related emails one may find the inbox filled with a bunch of subscription emails or updates.

Continue reading “How to Wade off Distractions as a Freelancer”

Working as a Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the ways to earn an income without depending on formal employment. But what is freelancing?

Who is a Freelancer? 

A freelancer is a person who offers a service at a fee to clients. However, there is no expectation of having permanent clients, although there are chances of getting long-term clients. Continue reading “Working as a Freelancer”

Security Lessons Learnt after Losing Phone

Thanks to technology mobile phones have become a part of our daily life.  We are so much addicted to phones, especially smartphones that have become our “small brains. A lot of important information finds its way in the phone, be it financial plans, weight loss calendar, appointments and so many others in the name of applications. Not to forget the many pictures, selfies, and videos stored in the phone. Continue reading “Security Lessons Learnt after Losing Phone”