How to Wade off Distractions as a Freelancer

Distractions are one of the hindrances to productive work.  Distractions come in varying shapes and forms if you may.  A distraction is anything that interrupts your attention from the work you are doing. Some distractions both online and offline include things like:

  • Emails – although it is important to respond to emails as soon as you get them, checking emails can take up a huge chunk of time. Apart from business related emails one may find the inbox filled with a bunch of subscription emails or updates.

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Working as a Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the ways to earn an income without depending on formal employment. But what is freelancing?

Who is a Freelancer? 

A freelancer is a person who offers a service at a fee to clients. However, there is no expectation of having permanent clients, although there are chances of getting long-term clients. Continue reading “Working as a Freelancer”