Digital Marketing

If you don’t have an online presence you are loosing out on so much revenue. That’s right, because all your possible clients are online whether on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram e.t.c.

So now you are already thinking, am not a social media fun how do I get the most out of it.
The Answer to your Problem, hire a social media manager.

Roles of a Social Media Manager

Here are responsibilities of a social media manager:

  1. Creating Social media strategy.
  2. Creating a content calendar.
  3. Creating content according to specific social media platform.
  4. Scheduling social media posts.
  5. Providing monthly reports on social media pages performance.

Pricing for Social Media Management

Pricing depends on a number of things that include:

  1. Number of posts you want per week.
  2. Graphics to be included in the posts.
  3. Number of social media platforms you want managed.
  4. Number of times you want to run ads.

Still feeling lost? Contact me for more info and for a quote that fits your needs.