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Test Automation Made Easy – How to Select the Right Platform

Any software developer will agree that testing is a key component that helps to improve the consistency and performance of any software. If you have ever done manual testing you know how the process is tedious, takes a long time and the software is always delivered with defects.

Automated testing has been the best thing that happened in the software development lifecycle as it reduces the amount of time necessary to test software. Mostly because it helps to enhance effectiveness and efficiency as it supports playing back of pre-recorded actions.
The ability to create automated tests helps to perform tasks that are impossible with manual testing.

Test Automation platform

I have no doubt that you agree with me the vital role that automation plays in continuous deployment. But, the challenge is in selecting the right platform.

There are many available automated testing platforms. And, one of the platforms that I have come across is TestProject, a free community-powered end-to-end test automation platform. This platform promises to simplify automation testing efforts for mobile and web application developers.

Although I’m yet to really give a good dive into this platform as am still exploring, I have found lots of cool things about it. In this article I will just give a general view or if you like, a first impression view.

Some quick cool things about TestProject:

  • Takes a few minutes to set up, one only needs to follow some steps. You also get a quick tutorial describing the basics and location of various components.
  • Has a dashboard that makes it easy to navigate the platform. Think of it as a graphical interface that enables non-programmers to build automated tests.
  • It supports various platforms such as Linux, Windows, MacOs, iOS, Android, and webservices.
  • Supports multiple browsers
  • Encapsulates Selenium and Appium – no need for separate download and no installation complexities
  • You don’t have to be an expert programmer to run tests
  • Availability of reports with detailed logs and screen shots as well as historical graphs
  • Saves time and effort, especially with the code generation feature

Interesting, right? Let’s now have a look at some of the features;

TestProject Features

  1. Cloud storage
    Test execution, test development and test recording are performed on premise, but all automation project artifacts (data sources, element repositories, tests, results, etc) are stored on TestProject’s secure cloud. This makes it possible for teams to collaborate, even with remote teams, during the testing process.
  2. Addons
    Members of the TestProject community can create new automation features and add to the platform. This allows expert developers to create custom Addons and share with other community members.  The addons (reusable codes) are not just reusable within one project but can be shared with an entire organization as well as the global community. This saves software development time.
    If you are skeptical about addons, you can check the ratings of an addon which gives a sense of trust.
  3. Community Forums
    One of the striking things about the platform is its focus on community. This is evident in ecosystem that offers a forum, and blog. This is a good feature as it offers support for automation engineers and this in troubleshooting and collaborating. This offers testers a place to discuss with others on technologies as well as share information with others.

    The community also offers a constant learning environment that helps developers and testers to stay up to date with latest software test development
  4. Test Recorder
    utilizes AI-based techniques to recognize the elements that users interact with. The tool then analyzes these elements and can suggest the actions or add-ons that go well with the elements.
    This feature allows nontechnical users to record tests by simply recording steps performed on a browser. Selenium or Appium code is then automatically generated in the background.
  5. Team management and collaboration
    The platform allows one to add other team members. This provides an easy way to share tests, reports, and many other components that are necessary during testing. It also enables collaboration with a client regardless of their location and they can also add their input to the software development process.
  6. Automation tests
    Easy to create new tests. Using TestProject you can either record tests using a browser or you can manually define the test steps. For someone with coding skills TestProject also offers Java and C# SDK.


With TestProject test automation has been made easy from the setup, to the creation and execution of tests.

Of course, there are many other testing platforms available. But, one thing that sets apart from other platforms, not just that is free, but, unlike other platforms, it is not a developer-centric tool. This means that you don’t have to be an expert in coding to use it.

So, if you are looking for a testing platform, TestProject is a good choice as it comes with features that are a must have such as in-built reports, recording capabilities, addons, and a community forum among others.



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